Fun New Masks at Messy Moose!

Fun New Masks at Messy Moose!

Fun New Masks at Messy Moose!

Flu season always is cause for a couple extra precautions, especially in 2020. That doesn’t mean you can’t take these challenges head on with a sense of fun and style! Messy Moose Socks recently introduced a new line of masks to protect you and your loved ones. The reception to these sharp looking and comfortable masks has been so positive we couldn’t help but expand the line with new designs AND sizes!

You’re going to love these new patterns. If your kid has an inquisitive mind, they’ll be sure to adore some of our new science savvy masks, like our new Dinosaur MaskSolar System Mask, and trail blazing Car Mask. If they love going far out we will also be introducing a Tie Dye Mask! Of course with the holidays fast approaching we’ve made the line more festive with a Christmas Mask, patterned with jolly Santa's cookies and candies.

For the all-new adult line of masks we’ve super-sized the fun. Match with your kid with complimenting Tie Dye, Constellation, Maple Leaf and Donut patterns!

These soft and comfortable masks are machine washable, feature three layers, a filter pocket and easily adjustable straps. The outer layer is a sturdy 100% polyester and the inner layers a gentle 100% cotton. We recognize some of the difficulties this year has posed, but at Messy Moose we are determined to help make this Winter as safe, fun and fancy free as we can. Feel free to enquire about our mask line!

You’ve seen the rest, now here’s the mess!

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