Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

When classes end it’s time for pomp and circumstance. Hundreds of thousands of students will be graduating this spring. And while the quarantine may have altered their summer plans or commencement ceremonies, that’s no reason to neglect the extraordinary work and diligence that brought these grads to this important moment.

If you want to reward a recent graduate without breaking social distancing we at Messy Moose have the perfect solution! Our beloved Grad Bobby Bear is a fantastic gift for a fantastic student. Available in two sizes 9” and 12”, this friendly fuzzy friend is dressed in their proper gown, cap and even their diploma. No matter what the graduate in your life has accomplished, Grad Bobby Bear has graduated in cuddle-ology (with honors) and is ready to warm up their life.


Grad Bobby Bear’s gown has a velcro strip that makes removing and personalizing the outfit easier than any first-year bird course. You can order the name of that special grad and a heartfelt message to commemorate their work and the bright future ahead.


If there is another plush toy you’d like to don in this ceremonial attire, feel free to reach out! Our selection of bear wear has plenty of options for mixing things up and even nurse, doctor outfits for medical students!

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