Heat Up This National Hamburger Day With Messy Moose Socks

Heat Up This National Hamburger Day With Messy Moose Socks

Heat Up This National Hamburger Day With Messy Moose Socks

It’s getting to be that summertime. That means longer days, hotter pavement and scorching up that grill. For the last ten years or so, May 28th has been designated as National Hamburger Day. An excuse to celebrate everything that falls between the buns, be it beef, chicken, veggies, cheesy, spicy, super stacked up or beyond. 

Given that every treat under the sun seems to have its own special day, it should come as no surprise that one of the most popular meals in America gets its due as well. Who marked the date? Hard to say, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it correlated with a couple burger chain coupons. Does that matter? No! Can you liven it up with some fresh Messy Moose Socks? Absolutely!

One of the most recent additions to our Mismatch Sock line are the Hamburger & Fries socks! These smiling snacks are ready to serve over a million customers, or just two important feet. Each with a lovely design, these patterns immediately make you think of the rich taste of ketchup and lettuce and the crisp snaps of salt and starch. Each of the pair have their unique plush charm as well, a delectable and classic combination of a hamburger and fries!

All of our Messy Moose socks are created with a comfortable cotton blend, slip-resistant treaded soles and are machine washable. They are ideally for kids aged 7-10 years old. We also recommend wearing these socks at home, at BBQs, picnics and other various, fun-enriched triangulations. 

From your toes to your taste buds, we at Messy Moose Socks hope you enjoy your National Hamburger Day this year. May your burgers be savory, may your feet be super cozy and may your toppings stay off of your white shirt. 

You’ve seen the rest…. Now here’s the Mess!

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