Introducing Messy Moose Socks

Introducing Messy Moose Socks

Introducing Messy Moose Socks

You’ve seen the rest, now here’s the mess!

Announced in 2019, Messy Moose Socks is a special product line for children and adults. The socks combine the comfort of the best apparel and the fun of plush toys all in one! Messy Moose Socks is a sister group from Parkdale Novelty, a toy and souvenir company with 75 years of quality and experience.

Messy Moose Socks is proud to be working with a number of talented artists to bring our customers some of the most delightful and adorable socks on the market. Among our current collaborators are:

Studio Tuesday: Featuring the art of David schemer, Studio Tuesday brings to life the animals and ecosystems of schemers Mid-Atlantic home.

Grimm®: The studio from humorous artist Ileana Grimm, Grimm’s colourful and quirky designs are sure to crack a smile.

Expect more collaborators to be announced in the near future! Make sure to follow us on social media to get all the latest updates.

Parkdale Novelty and its principal brand Creature Comforts Toys Inc. was founded in 1944 by Morris Kotzer in Toronto, Canada. As a postwar toy and novelty company, it expanded quickly alongside the baby boom generation. Parkdale’s history and expertise ensure high-quality plush toys at affordable prices. Parkdale Novelty and sister company Embroider Buddy® specializes in souvenir, gift and custom plush toys.

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