Make a Splash with Messy Moose’s Dolphin Socks!

Make a Splash with Messy Moose’s Dolphin Socks!

Make a Splash with Messy Moose’s Dolphin Socks!

They may not be porpoises but they are our purpose. This month is National Dolphin Day and we here at Messy Moose Socks thought, what the heck, let’s make a big splash about it! After all, dolphins are one of the most intelligent species of animals on the planet, not to mention playful. And you can play around too!

Messy Moose Socks features not one but two styles of Baby Dolphin Socks! These precious pairs are available in blue and pink, both depicting a splendid sunset and leaping dolphins! These are not to be mistaken for ‘baby dolphin’ socks… Though come to think of it these adorable plush dolphin charms are a little smaller than the average dolphin (on average dolphins grow up to 12 feet long) so if you want them to depict baby dolphins, have at it! Just don’t try to put these socks on a baby dolphin. We did not design these socks for flippers. 

But Messy Moose Socks did design these socks for human baby feet! And how! Our socks are made with a comfy, cozy and soft cotton blend. They’re machine washable and feature slip-resistant treads on the soles to make sure your kids aren’t as slippery as a fish. 

If nautical nonsense be something your little ones wish, we have plenty of undersea fun for all! If your kid may want something more ferocious with a dorsal fin, then you got to sink your teeth into our Baby Shark Socks! We also got plenty of crustaceans! Our Baby Crab Socks are anything but crabby, with a gleaming smile and dancing the side-step around eloquent sand castles. You should also consider the Baby Lobster Socks, swimming between ships into the briny sea. 

Whether your kids want to play on land or by the sea, it’s all good with me! Just as long as their feet stay dry and toasty in their delightful Messy Moose Socks!

You’ve seen the rest…. Now here’s the Mess!

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