New Messy Moose Sock Sizes Bring Fun to the Whole Family!

New Messy Moose Sock Sizes Bring Fun to the Whole Family!

New Messy Moose Sock Sizes Bring Fun to the Whole Family!

For over a year, young kids and toddlers have been taking our Messy Moose Socks on a real trip! All over, stomping high and low with our delightfully designed line of socks. We’ve been overwhelmed with the reception you’ve had for our socks, a combination of comfortable material, light hearted designs and lovely plush toy charms. The only real problem was that… more people couldn’t get in on it!

Good news! It’s a problem no more! If you’ve been feeling envious about wearing some of our wonderful socks, you no longer have to be a baby or toddler about it.

We at Messy Moose are proud to present all-new sizes to our Messy Moose line of socks for adults to enjoy! These new sizes feature some of your favorite designs, from frosty Cup Cake Socks and smilin' Donut Socks to sweet Cherry Socks and laid back Pineapple Socks. The great features are still here, machine washable, soft cotton blend and slip-resistant soles. And of course those wonderful plush charms! This stretchy material and larger sizes will finally accommodate adults!

Our new Youth Sized Socks will also have some hot new designs as well! Check out our groovy Tie Dye Unicorn Socks, pucker up for our Lipstick Socks and gaze upon our stunning Moon & Star set. Mix and match your snacks with our Hamburger & Fries Socks or bring the cinema home with the Soda & Popcorn Socks.

These new sizes have been a long time coming and we’re so excited to launch them. Whether you’re a parent who wants to match ankles with their toddler or a young at heart who wants to bring a smile to their step, literally, these new sizes and designs are sure to make your day. A feat for your feet like no other!

You’ve seen the rest…. Now here’s the Mess!

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